The changes you can make to your bathrooms are nearly unlimited — but they don’t all move the needle in the style department. Changing paint colors and switching out window treatments can freshen the look of your space, but you’ll need to make more aggressive renovations to create something unique. 

This article discusses bathroom ideas that focus on gaining maximum style for your dollar. Be sure to consult with a skilled contractor about realizing your dreams.

Shift Your Fixtures

Placement is everything, particularly in smaller bathrooms. Finding a more efficient arrangement of fixtures and closets can make a world of difference in the way you use and enjoy your space. 

For example, a shower tub positioned along the long wall of a deep but narrow bathroom leaves little space for the other fixtures to fit comfortably. Shifting the tub to run along the back wall creates a larger square of useable space by the bathroom door.

Try envisioning your layout. Measure the interior dimensions of your bathroom, leaving out any optional partition walls. Using graph paper, draw a square model of your bathroom and create matching cutouts for all of your fixtures (be sure to include required clearances around the objects.) Move these around the room until you find a layout that gives you more open space and places everything within reach.

Upgrade Your Vanity

If you have an older bathroom, there’s a good chance you have a prefab, construction-grade, generic white vanity, or something similar. They were easy on the wallet but light on style. You can add significant pizazz by purchasing something with a bit (or a lot) more substance. 

Pedestal sinks offer beautiful architectural details while opening up floor space. If you don’t need a vanity’s extra storage, pedestals and other floating sinks are a good choice.

Otherwise, trade in your existing vanity for something more refined. For most people, this is their primary work area — the focal point for the room. Create your style here, and then echo it across the rest of the room.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors on various walls can be easy, and the extra depth the create in a bathroom can dramatically affect how the space is perceived. Small bathrooms instantly feel larger. Large bathrooms feel less isolated. Bathrooms often don’t have windows. You can improve this deficiency with the judicious use of mirrors.

Framed mirrors can be hung on the wall in the same way you’d add a picture. As long as you choose hefty enough mounting hardware, the addition is simple enough for most people. If you’re interested in something more involved, like floor to ceiling mirrors, or in-built mirrored shelving installations, it’s worth talking with a contractor. 

There’s a nearly limitless number of mirror styles available. Don’t play it safe. Choose something that changes your bathroom’s look significantly. You’ll be staring at them a lot, after all. Make them count.

Create Your Own Spa

Sometimes tricking out your style involves adding amenities like multiple shower heads, a steam option, or a toilet with integrated bidet. These every day indulgences add sophistication and promise a premium experience each time you use the facilities.

It’s important to consult with a licensed contractor when undertaking unique bathroom ideas. Depending on the addition, you may need new plumbing, extra structural support, additional electric capacity, and more. Let a professional determine what’s required to bring your dream to fruition. 

In many cases, you may not realize what’s possible in your available space. Your contractor can help. They recognize a space’s potential, and have the experience to design the best solution. With a talented contractor, you’ll learn surprising new ways to live better. 

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