If you’re stuck with a small bathroom, the struggle is real. You have to contend with storage issues, decorating concerns, and tripping over family members. If you often find yourself feeling a bit claustrophobic while taking care of business, know that there are plenty of bathroom ideas to get the most out of your limited space.

There are modifications you can make that will help your bathroom feel larger and give you the storage you need. Best of all, these updates don’t have to cost a lot, and you can do many of them yourself! Let’s look at how you can maximize your space.

Double The Apparent Size of Your Bathroom With a Mirror

Without major renovations, you can’t add extra space, but large mirrors will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Installing a full-wall mirror is best, but even large hanging models will add visual depth and help reflect available light around the space.

Keep Your Bathroom Ideas Minimal

If something doesn’t need to be in your bathroom, remove it. And keep the necessary elements small. Use a hall closet for linens. Opt for a stand-up shower instead of a tub. Favor a tiny sink vanity over standard options. Use a compact toilet. The more floor space you can leave open, the larger your bathroom will feel.

Favor Light Colors Over Dark

Light colors feel open and airy, while dark colors tend to close in a room. Choosing bright paints, woods, and fixtures will give your bathroom a more expansive feel. A pop of dark is useful to break up the space, but light colors should dominate.

Install Plenty of Light

Don’t let dim lighting or dark shadows make your small space feel tight and gloomy. Install an overhead fixture and smaller accent lights to ensure that every corner of your bathroom is well lit.

Add Built-In Shelves for Storage

Adding shelves is a great way to get extra storage space for towels and toiletries, but they can stick out awkwardly and make the space feel smaller. Instead, consider taking advantage of the space between your wall studs. These built-in shelves add storage while simultaneously making your bathroom feel larger.

Install a Trough Sink

In small spaces, you need bathroom ideas that save floor space. Trough sinks are a great option for people who want a double sink’s width but don’t have room. Mounted on the wall, a trough sink’s low profile guarantees you aren’t crowding out the rest of your fixtures.

Bathroom Ideas for Over-the-Toilet Storage

The space above your toilet is a great place to add storage because it generally can’t be used for anything else. Adding an over-the-toilet storage unit is the easiest way to take advantage of this wall space. You might also consider installing free-standing shelves for a less obtrusive feel with the same capacity.

Add a Ledge Along One Wall

You can add surface area by installing a ledge along the length of your longest wall. This is a stylish way to add space for your toothbrush, soap dish, small mirrors, and decorative knick-knacks.

Add a Darker Shade to the Lower Half of Your Walls

Small bathrooms with lower ceilings can benefit from this trick. Paint the upper half of your walls with a light color. Then add chair rail and paint the lower half a dark shade. Alternatively, you could install dark tile. The deeper color on the bottom draws your eye down, creating the illusion that there’s extra height on top. Without changing the dimensions of your bathroom, it will instantly feel more spacious.

If These Bathroom Ideas Aren’t Enough, it Might Be Time For a Remodel

If you take a few of our suggestions and still feel like the walls are closing in on you, a bathroom renovation could be in order. By reimagining the space you can increase your bathroom’s footprint and build the room of your dreams.

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