A bathroom remodel is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only will the update increase your enjoyment of your living space and give your tired fixtures a new lease on life, but you’ll also be able to recoup a significant portion of the cost when you sell your home.

Of course, once you’re luxuriating in your new whirlpool tub, or standing side-by-side with the one you love at your new double sinks, you won’t want to leave!

However, the remodeling process isn’t without its pitfalls. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your dream bathroom.

Before Starting Your Bathroom Remodel Consider How You Use the Room

Renovating a bathroom is a significant expense. You can avoid buyer’s remorse by thinking not only about what you want in your bathroom but also how you use it currently.

You might love the notion of a stand-up shower and separate soaking tub in your master suite, but consider whether you ever take baths. If not then maybe you could use the space where a tub would go for another feature you’d actually use.

Which Bathroom You’re Remodeling Is Also Important

The different bathrooms in your home serve different purposes. It’s worth considering what’s required for each.

A powder room, particularly on the first floor, is the main guest bath. This is the one that visitors will most often see, so it’s worth investing in a few stylish features to upgrade their experience.

The family bathroom, on the other hand, is the workhorse bathroom. Particularly if you have children, this is the bathroom that gets the most abuse. So save yourself some money and favor function over form.

The master suite is the king or queen of bathrooms. This is your space to unwind in the tub and prepare yourself for your day. It’s the bathroom you’ll use most frequently, so if your budget allows it, make this room exactly what you want it to be.

Think About Your Future Needs

If you plan to be in your home long term it can be worth building in features that you’ll need in the future. This will help avoid another bathroom remodel when the time comes.

You might consider a taller toilet, stylish grab bars that can double as towel racks, a curbless shower for easy access, and a removable shower head. You may not require these accessibility features now, but when you do it will be nice that they’re already there.

Plan For Storage From the Beginning

In a large en suite bathroom, storage may not be a problem. But in smaller bathrooms, or in bathrooms with a difficult footprint, maximizing your storage options takes planning.

Try to utilize all of your available space. Shelves and tall, shallow cabinets can be recessed into your walls between framing members. Shower niches add welcome spots for your soap and shampoo. Any small unused spaces can be converted into useful storage with some imagination and a skilled contractor.

A Successful Bathroom Remodel Requires Careful Electrical Planning

Bathrooms use a lot of power. Lighting, exhaust fans, heated floors, and electric-hungry hairdryers could end up stressing a standard 15-amp circuit. If your home is older, ask your contractor whether your current electric supply is sufficient for your plans.

Give consideration to where outlets will go. Today more than ever, with electric toothbrushes, shavers, beard trimmers, charging ports for cellphones, and more, having extra outlets is a good decision.

You might also consider putting outlets inside your shelves or your medicine cabinet. That way you can keep things conveniently charging while still out of sight.

Be sure to give your lighting scheme careful consideration as well. Balanced use of overhead, task, and accent lighting, and proper placement of all of these can make the difference between a flattering light and harsh or insufficient illumination.

Design Your Bathroom For You, Not a Future Buyer

Real estate agents are often quick to point out bathroom features which are “necessities” for future resale. And there’s certainly some logic to that way of thinking. But if you’re planning your dream bathroom you should build what you want, not what some unknown person in the future might want. There’s simply no way to be certain what your future buyer might prefer.

If you’re investing in a bathroom remodel specifically for resale, or if you’re likely to sell in the next couple years, it’s worth heeding an agent’s advice. Otherwise, design your bathroom for you and your family.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in and around Stanwood and Camano Island, WA, give us a call at Cannon Construction Group. Our skilled designers can help you realize the bathroom you’ve always wanted, and our experienced craftsman can make it a reality.