If there’s one unchanging truth about kitchen design, it’s that it’s constantly changing. Styles come and go, and what was trending five or ten years ago is starting to lose its luster today.

If your older kitchen is starting to show its age, it may be time to give it an update! Below you’ll find some of the most exciting kitchen design trends for 2021. Any of these are sure to add high style and practical function to any space.

Bold Contrasting Colors

For the last five years or so, all-white and other monochrome designs were in vogue, evoking the clean lines and crisp shapes of industry. In 2021, the colors are rebelling!

A growing trend is moving us away from cool and sterile and toward bold and evocative. Two-toned cabinets is one place this aesthetic is showing up. Try choosing one color finish for your bottom cabinets and a second, complementary color for your uppers.

Or just go crazy. In 2021, nearly anything goes. Pick two boldly contrasting colors from opposite ends of the color wheel and apply them with wild abandon. The use of black is growing as well. Once considered too dark for kitchen use, designers around the country are embracing it to create stunning interiors.

A Kitchen Design Without Cabinet Hardware?

2021 isn’t above challenging the most basic kitchen assumptions. For example, cabinet doors need hardware pulls, right? It turns out the answer is “not necessarily.”

A new school of design is rethinking how we interface with our cabinets, replacing pulls and knobs with circular door cutouts and wedged notches. This fresh take on grasping surfaces integrates with the door. Better put, the door becomes the pull.

To capture this style properly, your notches and cutouts should have a dynamic, graphic feel. This is no time for timidity. Create something no one’s ever seen before!

Wood Finishes Are Making a Comeback

The last decade has seen a boom in building materials, and designers have made the most of it, using unconventional metals, concrete, marble, and colored finishes. As a result, wood cabinets, which were prominent in the ‘90s, fell out of style. But as all trends do, wood finishes are cycling back around.

Plain wood finishes for cabinets are trending heavily, but gone are the boring cherry cabinets of yesteryear or standard butcher block countertops. Today designers are using exotic woods, daring grain patterns, and non-standard finishes to modernize wood kitchens.

Curvaceous Kitchen Design

Cabinets are boxes. Countertops are rectangles. Right angles have defined kitchen designs for as long as there have been kitchens. Leave it to 2021 to dispense with tradition. Imagine a kitchen island with lush, rounded ends, an L-shaped counter with a round inner corner, or cabinets with curving doors. For 2021, 90-degree angles are getting a run for their money.

Add a Touch of Subtle With an Integrated Range Hood

Range hoods classically dominate a kitchen design because of their size and placement. As a result, manufacturers supply units with matching metals with dynamic form factors that become kitchen centerpieces.

Integrated range hoods go the other direction. They’re encapsulated with wallboard and finished with matching wall tiles so that they melt into the design, allowing other kitchen features to take center stage.

Integrated Cabinet Appliances

There’s a strong vein of “less is more” running through kitchen design trends in 2021, and this is showing up in appliances, too. You can find dishwashers that tuck away behind a cabinet front to blend into your design, refrigerators doors styled to match your cabinet fronts and small appliances shelves that recess away when not in use.

Some designers are taking this trend to the extreme, with kitchens that seem to disappear when not in use. These are great for smaller spaces that want the utility of a big kitchen.

Elevate Your Kitchen Design With Modern Rustic

Rustic designs are getting the contemporary treatment with modern upgrades. Imagine fusing aged wood finishes, barn doors, and found wood paneling with design-savvy fixtures, sleek, modern countertops, and pops of audacious color. Modern rustic melds the warmth of vintage materials with daring industrial features to create a simultaneously exciting and inviting look.

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