If you’re like most people, you have a fairly long list of house projects waiting to fill up your free time. And it’s a list that never really shrinks because there are always new things breaking to replace the items you manage to finish. Before you lose more time to this neverending battle, take a look at how handyman services can help.

A handyman is someone that’s well-schooled in a variety of different home improvement and construction disciplines. Compared to a master craftsman that knows everything about a single trade, a handyman knows most things about a number of trades. They’re uniquely qualified to tackle everything on your to-do list, instead of just one category. Here’s how they can save you considerable time and money.

With Handyman Services, You Pay Only for the Skills You Need

Imagine that you want a new lighting fixture installed, a leaking faucet repaired, and a loose banister tightened. Each of these projects requires the attention of a different specialist. You would need to hire an electrician, a plumber, and a carpenter.

These sorts of tradesmen charge a premium because they possess highly-specialized skills. However, your projects aren’t particularly demanding, and don’t require the skill-level these specialists bring. As a result, you’ll end up overpaying. It’s somewhat like hiring a surgeon to clean a scraped knee and apply a bandaid. For the level of work needed, they’re overqualified.

Handyman services are a better deal in this situation because their skills are more suited to the project level. They aren’t expert electricians, but they don’t need to be. They aren’t master plumbers, but a leaking faucet doesn’t require that kind of training, and a loose banister doesn’t warrant a skilled carpenter.

Handyman Services are More Time Efficient

Tradesmen and handymen alike bill hourly, and you pay for a full hour whether you use it entirely or not. Let’s say it takes the electrician a half hour to install your lighting fixture, an hour and fifteen minutes for the plumber to fix your leak, and fifteen minutes for the carpenter to tighten your banister.

Even though the three worked for a total of two hours, you’ll be billed for four, because you’re billed for the partial hours. In essence, you’re paying twice as much as you need to, simply because you had three separate tradesmen out to do the work.

Handyman services eliminate this waste. They have the skills required to handle all three projects, and they can cross them off your list one after another. If it takes them the same amount of time that it took the electrician, plumber, and carpenter to do the work you’ll be billed for two hours instead of four.

When You Have a Handyman Do the Work, You Don’t Have To

Imagine how much of your free time you’d get back if you could afford to have someone else tackle your to-do list? With expensive tradesman, the math often doesn’t work out. It costs too much to have them do work that you could do yourself.

Handyman services are a better option. As we’ve seen, they’re far more economical and capable of tackling a wide array of projects. Remember that your time is worth something, too. A handyman makes the exchange worthwhile. You get your time back, and your projects get done right.

Cannon Construction Group offers a handyman service to help Stanwood and Camano Island, WA residents make a dent in their to-do lists. Our highly-trained staff is a cut above the competition. They know their stuff and work quickly to lower your hourly investment. If you’d love to see your to-dos go to zero, give us a call. We’d love to chat and give you a free estimate.