So you’re thinking about building a new home! The planning stages are an exciting time, full of meaningful decisions that will set the course for the future of your home life. And choosing your floor plan is possibly one of the most important of these because the bulk of your home design hinges on room sizes, placement, and the division of space.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right floor plan for your family. The following advice will help you clarify what’s important to you so that you can make an informed decision.

Ask Yourself What’s Missing From Your Current Home Design

This question is a great place to start your journey because it forces you to examine your current space critically and gives you a good basis for comparison.

Do you wish your current home had a sunroom? Do you dislike the fact that the kitchen is separated from the dining area? Has the lack of a first-floor powder room always bothered you? Do you wish you didn’t have so many stairs to climb?

Taking a critical look at what you dislike about your current space will help crystalize the design elements you’d like to include in your new home.

Visit As Many Existing Homes As You Can

For most people, it’s hard to get a sense of what a home will feel like by staring at floor plan drawings. If you’re choosing from a stock floor plan and your builder has examples you can tour, take advantage.

If your home design tastes run more custom, it’s a great idea to spend a few weekends driving to open houses in your area. Don’t worry if the houses aren’t your style, or if they’re smaller or larger than you’d prefer. The idea is to get familiar with all the different ways a living space can be divided.

In the process, you learn what you like and what you don’t. You’ll discover design options you’d never thought of. Be sure to take pictures and notes! Once you settle down to begin planning in earnest you’ll be able to pull inspiration from your travels.

Think About How Your Home Design Choices Will Fit Your Life in the Future

If you’re building a new home, it’s likely you plan to stay there for a while. Make sure to consider more than just your current needs. Try to project what you’ll need from your home five or ten years in the future.

If you’re planning on having children, do you have enough bedrooms? Maybe your children will be moving out within a few years. How can you lay out their space so that it can be repurposed? If you’re reaching your golden years, how will the layout work if your mobility becomes limited?

Futureproofing your home will ensure that you can enjoy your space for years to come.

Consider How Frequently You Entertain

This article’s being written during the COVID-19 pandemic when large crowds in confined spaces aren’t a good idea, but eventually, life will return to normal. When it does, consider whether you enjoy hosting gatherings of family and friends in your home.

If the answer is yes, then you may want to consider a home design that features an open floor plan, so that guests have plenty of room to maneuver, and there’s a free flow of people through your space. Larger, open kitchens with a center island, can help accommodate food preparation conversation.

On the other hand, if your family tends to appreciate privacy, a more rigid floor plan with a single room near the front door for entertaining guests might be a better choice. That way people can visit without gaining direct access to the rest of your home.

Take Into Account Special Use Rooms

Think about all the ways you might want to use your space. Are you a fitness buff? Then you might consider a home gym. If your a hobbyist, now is your chance to design a room that caters to your needs. Do you want a garage or a workshop, or would you prefer more living space? Your home design should fit your life.

Placement is important. Workshops are noisy, so you’d likely want them situated in the basement or separated by a heavy wall. A meditation space, on the other hand, benefits from quiet, so an attic placement with plenty of sunlight might be appropriate.

Remember, this is your home. Design your floorplan for you and your family. Resale is an important consideration, but it shouldn’t supersede your needs. You’re building a home for your enjoyment and your lifestyle, no one else’s.

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