Home remodeling is an exciting prospect, but it can cause challenging disturbances to your regular routines. Before you open your home to contractors, it’s wise to prepare yourself and your home for the impending work. The right preparations can minimize possible problems and help you successfully navigate your home renovation. Below you’ll find helpful tips to make your preparations as painless as possible.

Make Plans to Live Around Your Home Renovation

Don’t wait until your kitchen has been demoed or your bathroom has been gutted to figure out how you will live without them. Make a plan ahead of time to replace the functionality you’ll be losing. 

For example, if you have other bathrooms and showers, move the items you’ll need to accommodate heavier use during a bathroom remodel. Make arrangements with neighbors or friends if you don’t have any other options in your home. Make sure you have the toiletries you need in a portable format.

For kitchen renovations, have a limited set of dishes available for use and decide where your meals will be coming from while your kitchen is out of commission. Work out refrigerator access as well. You might consider a mini-fridge as a temporary replacement for necessities.

It’s helpful to talk with your contractor about the order of work and the approximate downtime your home renovation will cause. If the work is involved enough, you might decide it’s better to stay with friends or rent a short-term apartment or hotel suite instead of trying to live in a work zone.

Get Your Home Work-Ready

The footprint of your home renovation may extend beyond the remodeled spaces. Contractors frequently have to traverse other areas of your home for access purposes. Also, vibrations from tools can transmit through walls to adjacent rooms. Therefore, it’s smart to prepare any parts of your home that may be affected.

Roll up and remove area rugs and take picture frames off of the wall. Stow any fragile or valuable items. Drap plastic sheeting over furniture and shelves in adjacent areas to protect them from dust. 

And of course, you’ll need to pack up and store everything in the rooms where work is occurring. Unload all of your kitchen cabinets, even if they aren’t all being removed. Move plants and other objects that could be disturbed or coated in construction debris. Renovation is a dirty job. It’s better to remove everything from affected areas rather than risk damage.

Make Arrangements for Contractor Access

If you’ll be out of the house for a portion of the day during your home renovation, make sure workers have access to the premises. In a crime-free neighborhood, you might simply leave a side door unlocked. If a trusted neighbor is home during the day, you could make sure they have a key.

You might also consider installing a smart lock on one of your doors. Choose a model that allows you to create temporary access codes. Create one that you give to your contractor. When the project is over, simply delete it, and your home is secure.

Make a Safe Space for Pets

If you can find temporary housing away from your home, that’s the safest option. But if that’s not possible, set up a safe space sufficiently removed from the affected areas.

Ensure a door separates your pets from the work area to keep them safe from dust and debris. If they need outdoor access, plan a route that avoids work areas. Then be sure they have easy access to food, water, and litter (if cats).

Talk With Your Family About What to Expect From Your Home Renovation

Have a frank conversation with your family about how your lives will be different during the remodeling process. Explain that it will be noisy and dirty. Kids in particular need to know which rooms are off-limits during the renovation and how to work around the limitations imposed by the work.

Listen carefully to any concerns they have and answer them as best you can. Your contractor should be happy to answer any questions you can’t. Every family member must understand the plan you devised in tip number one above. Having buy-in from the group will make it much easier to weather the upcoming difficulties.

Hire the Right Contractor at the Beginning

You can avoid the lion’s share of home renovation problems by hiring a responsible, experienced contractor. They’ll know how to minimize their impact on your lives, and they’ll do everything in their power to help you survive the process.

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