There are few rooms in a house where storage is more critical than the kitchen. It can be difficult to add additional space once your layout is complete, so if you’re planning a kitchen remodel, now is the time to maximize your storage space.

Take a moment to examine your existing design. Ask yourself what it is that you’d like to store that you can’t. Where do you struggle? What could work better? Determine what’s currently lacking and use that to drive your decision-making as you mull over your renovation. Below you’ll find a few tips to help guide your thinking.

Steal Space For Your Kitchen Remodel From Wherever You Can

Is your current kitchen lacking space for a pantry? Are there too few cabinets or not enough counter space? Smaller kitchens often involve tradeoffs, and the only way to get what you want is to find extra space.

An addition to your home is one option, but it will add a considerable amount to the cost of your kitchen remodel. If that’s not in your budget, you’ll need to find space elsewhere. 

Examine your home’s floorplan. Is there a powder room next to the kitchen that you could live without? If so, convert it into a pantry. Does your formal dining room sit unused? Consider knocking down the dividing wall and adding that space into your kitchen. Repurposing areas lets you convert underused rooms into space you’ll use every day!

Install Rolling Shelves to Access Deep Cabinets

Deep base cabinets help maximize storage but make it difficult to access items far in the back. You can get the most out of this space by replacing fixed shelves with rolling models that pull out for easy access.

Alternatively, you could choose spacious drawers instead of shelves. High-sided drawers are great for pots, pans, and other large items that would otherwise be difficult to store and access. Whether you opt for rolling shelves or drawers, make sure to use full-extension glides to permit complete access to the available space.

Run Your Cabinets Straight to the Ceiling

Older homes tended to have 32 or 36-inch tall cabinets installed a foot or two from the ceiling. This layout ensured easy access for all but the most vertically-challenged among us. However, it wastes a fair amount of space.

As you design the cabinet layout for your kitchen remodel, consider running your upper cabinets right to the ceiling. You’ll gain another shelf or two per enclosure, which can add up to a significant amount of storage across your whole kitchen.

You’ll have a harder time reaching these shelves, so use them for items you don’t need to access frequently.

Include an Above-Fridge Cabinet in Your Kitchen Remodel

You can take advantage of the dead space above your refrigerator by stacking items on top of it, but that’s unsightly and inefficient. Instead, add a cabinet above the fridge.

Above-fridge cabinets are a great place to store cookie sheets, pizza stones, and other tall, slender items. Add vertical dividers to keep them upright and within reach. 

Keep Small Appliances at Hand But Out of Sight

Countertop corners tend to fill up with coffeemakers, toasters, blenders, and the like. You can maintain this storage area while cleaning up your view by adding a corner appliance garage.

These corner-mounted cabinets sit on your countertop and run to the underside of your uppers. Doors in the front grant access to the appliances stored inside. Be sure to install outlets on the garage’s interior walls to power your devices without having to remove them.

Use Every Bit of Available Space

Cabinets, particularly stock models, come in standard sizes. You’ll likely find they don’t fit your space perfectly. If there are narrow areas left over, use them! You can fill these voids with pull out trash and recycling drawers, an extendable spice rack, or a slender tray storage enclosure. Get creative. There’s always a way to use leftover space.

During Your Kitchen Remodel Add Outlets to Your Pantry

Pantries aren’t just for food storage. If you include one or two deeper shelves and outfit them with outlets, you can store small appliances. You’ll keep your counters clear, and the outlets will allow you to use your appliances right where they are.

Don’t Forget the Island!

Kitchens force everything to the perimeter of the room. You wind up with walls filled with appliances, cabinets, and countertops and nothing in the middle. If your room’s dimensions allow for it, fill this space with a kitchen island.

Islands add extra cabinets and additional work surfaces. Using an island as your food prep area lets you store all of your kitchen gadgets and other odds and ends on your perimeter countertops without impinging on your cook space.

Maximizing your kitchen’s storage space isn’t difficult. It just takes planning and a healthy dose of good ideas. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel in the Stanwood/Camano Island, WA area, give Cannon Construction Group a call. We know how to squeeze every available bit of storage from your new kitchen design. We’d be happy to discuss your options and provide you a free estimate. Contact us today! Remote appointments are available.