Spring is right around the corner, and already we’re seeing signs that winter is giving way to warmer days. Soon spring cleaning will begin in earnest, and new plantings will start popping up in yards around your area. It’s a cheerful period of renewal, and it’s the perfect time to start knocking items off of your to-do list — which means it’s the ideal time to hire handyman services.

A handyman is a jack-of-all-trades, skilled enough in lots of different areas to handle projects all-around your house. They may not be master plumbers, but they have the skills to tackle basic plumbing problems. You probably wouldn’t hire a handyman to build a deck, but they could easily repair one.

They’re perfect for light-duty projects that don’t require the finesse of a master craftsman. In exchange, you pay less. If your honey-do list is longer than you can manage, handyman services are an affordable way to make a dent. Check out these common handyman tasks and start shortening your list!

Ceiling Fan and Lighting Fixture Installations

Handyman services can handle light-duty electrical work like installing ceiling fans or lights, particularly if you’re replacing an existing fixture.  These are basic tasks that don’t involve running new lines or establishing new circuits. Instead of paying top dollar to a master electrician with skills you don’t need, you’re better off hiring a handyman service and paying less.

Interior and Exterior Door Repairs

Over time, doors can get banged up and fall out of alignment. Hinges may be damaged or begin to pull out from the door frame. If your doors aren’t closing properly, your latches are no longer aligned, or your hinges are squeaking, it’s time to call a handyman.

Handyman services can fix most common door issues. If your door is beyond repair, they can tear out your old entryway and hang a new one in its place.

Handyman Services for Leaky Plumbing

You wouldn’t hire a handyman to replumb your bathroom or fix a major leak inside your wall, but they’re perfect for minor plumbing issues. They can fix a leaky faucet, upgrade an older fixture, stop a running toilet, or clear a badly-clogged drain.

These are tasks that don’t require an experienced plumber — you only want to pay for the skill level you need.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Painters aren’t nearly as expensive as plumbers, electricians, or master carpenters. But all they can do is paint. A handyman can provide that service along with dozens of others.

If your home’s exterior is showing its age, or if you need a change of color inside, you can hire handyman services to apply a new coat of paint and take care of other issues while they’re in your home. In the end, you’ll spend less by bundling all of your needed repairs with one company at one hourly rate.

Smart Device Installation

Smart homes are becoming commonplace, and handyman services are the perfect choice for device installation. Whether you’re looking to add a smart thermostat, door lock, doorbell, or exterior camera, a handyman can get them installed and configure them with your WiFi.

Handyman Services for Furniture Assembly

Everyone loves flatpack furniture, but few people like assembling it. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to put together the new bedroom set you just purchased, consider having a handyman service do the work for you.

Flooring Repairs

Floors can take a lot of abuse, but eventually, they will start to show their age. If you have a cracked ceramic tile, a gouge in your wood floor, or a tear in some sheet vinyl, you can opt to repair them. Handyman services can replace a tile, repair a damaged spot of carpet, or fill in holes in your floor.

Repair Damaged Drywall

There are dozens of ways you can damage drywall. A few examples include accidental impacts, moved lighting fixtures, and towel bars ripped from their moorings. You wouldn’t hire a handyman service to sheetrock and finish an entire room, but they’re perfect for spot repairs.

Deck Repairs

As we mentioned earlier, a handyman service isn’t the right choice for new deck construction, but it’s perfect if you need handrails tightened, deck boards replaced, or extra supports added. Handyman services are also excellent if you want your deck power washed or a new stain or paint coat applied.

Cannon Construction Group Offers Handyman Services

We are a full-service residential construction company that builds custom homes and major renovations. But for smaller projects, we offer affordable handyman services. If you live in the Stanwood/Camano Island, WA area, gather your list of projects and give us a call. We’ll show you how our qualified handymen can save you money and get your house back into tip-top shape. Remote appointments are available.